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Most travelers, both frequent and ocasional, use the Internet to find and pick their destinations. The web is a great tool for virtually any purpose, because with a few clicks you can contact lots of people and access to a great deal of information on any subject. However, the Internet's greatest advantage is also a huge risk. 

When you find a website, be it a travel agency or any unrelated site, you must be aware that anyone could be behind it. The webmaster could be in any part of the world, and have any intentions. Some people in the Internet are good and offer genuine products and deals, while others use the mask of anonimity and the global reach to scam hundreds of people.

Anyone can set up a nice looking website with beautiful pictures and a lot of promises, so how do you know that you are making a safe choice? How to tell a genuine website from a well put together scam? There are many dangers out there with online travel websites. Remember that, by closing a deal online, you are interacting with a computer screen and who knows who's at the other end of the line; and you are providing personal information, contact information, credit card information, etc. This is a big risk for financial and personal safety.

Moreover, buying and closing deals online means that you don't get to see the actual product until after you've paid. When it comes to travel, if you have purchased tickets, accommodation or a package that aren't as good as promised, you may only find out when you are already there, stuck with your suitcases away from home. And nobody wants that.

This is the reason why we have created Alumni Travel Solutions, a travel website about travel websites. And what services do we offer, you may ask?

We have an index of trustable websites

We run background checks on demand

Alumni Travel Solutions has an extensive record of national and international travel websites. We know which ones are trustworthy and which ones are just a scam. And they're not that easy to tell from one another! That's why our record is so useful.  Have you found an online travel agency or some other travel related website that isn't on our list and you'd like to find out whether it's good or bad? You can request a backround check on any website! All we need is the link to their website or the name of the company and we have enough to work with.

We have a news blog with relevant information for travelers

We constantly post articles on relevant matters for travelers. Destination reviews, ideas for activities, trips for traveling, accomodation and rentals, and food and drink suggestions. Check our website regularly to read the latest news on national and internationl travel!

All of our services are available for everyone. Use our contact form to request reviews and full access to our list. Contact us now!

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